Association overview

International Association of Integrated Rehabilitation(International Association of Integrated Rehabilitation, IAIR) is a general incorporated association that contributes to society through three main activities: educational, international and health promotion, based on the principle of "the search for dreams, the search for learning". IAIR is a general incorporated association that contributes to society through three main activities: educational, international and health promotion.

In all our projects, we not only look at the basic medical aspects of Western medicine, kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, but also at the individual narrative, including psychological aspects and personal background, which leads to the implementation of rehabilitation in a broader sense, which is important for solving the problems of modern society. In other words, our concept is to contribute to the well being of each individual.

Association philosophy


We aim to contribute to the resolution of various social issues by developing people who can think for themselves from a variety of perspectives and who are able to think in terms of cross-functional projects.

As an institution of clinical education, we nurture 'character' and 'competence' in the transmission of professional knowledge and skills useful in a variety of settings.

With our various know-how in clinical medicine and rehabilitation in Japan, the world's fastest super-aging society, we contribute to new medical care in the world and Japan.

Our business

Under the motto "The search for dreams, the search for learning", the

"We have three pillars of business: education, international business and health promotion.

1: Educational projects

We provide education in the three categories of "Rehabilitation College", "Tissue Gliding Approach" and "Social Involvement of Therapists" with the aim of "Improving ADL/QOL and well-being of patients and users" including rehabilitation in a broad sense and "Exploring dreams and learning" of healthcare professionals themselves. We offer education in three categories

2: International projects

In recent years, the importance of rehabilitation has begun to be recognized internationally as well as domestically, and we aim to contribute to the world by conveying the "know-how of Japanese medicine and rehabilitation", which is the fastest in the world in terms of the super-aging society, and to return the different knowledge of the world to Japanese medicine and care based on this exchange. We are developing our business.

3: Health promotion projects

We supervise health management and health promotion projects for a wide range of companies and organisations, so that medical expertise can be used to help improve the health of society.

In the same way, we work to build a healthy bridge between the medical and health industries in society by giving back to the medical community the wide range of information we gain.