Thursday, 10 October 2019
We have held a "Walking Class to 100 Years Old" in Soka City, Saitama Prefecture.

The event was held under the auspices of the Sunflower Health Walking Class and the city of Soka.

Mr. Hasegawa, the representative of Himawari Health Walking Class, also spoke to us.
"Let's aim for a body that keeps walking energetically until 100 years old!
This is why we were able to hold this lecture with Mr. Yanagisawa, who originally supervised the walking therapist.


The lecture was held on a weekday and was attended by about 150 people.

In the first half, Mr Yanagisawa gave a
"Walking for Boredom and Walking without Boredom". He spoke on the theme of

His talk, which included a behind-the-scenes look at the recent World Championships in Athletics, was well received by the
audience. Many of the participants seemed to be watching the race live.


In his speech, he said
The new physical fitness test conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
An open-eyed one-legged stand test was conducted with all participants.

"I can usually do it!"
"I was on my feet straight away!
"I was able to keep it together!

The results of the day may have been mixed, but it was a great opportunity for everyone to find out more about their own physical condition.

In addition, during the lecture,
there was a report of a person who Mr. Yanagisawa was involved in personal training.
Walking with a deliberate load on the head and body In
, he also talked about the increased oxygen sharing to the brain, which can lead to brain activation.
Everyone listened with great interest.

Then, in the second half of the day, our walking therapist, Watanabe, took over the baton and

"'Effective body care before and after walking'

This was a practical talk on the theme of

All you need for walking is
. Ensure you have a good range of movement We'll talk about the importance of

Before walking, it is important to move through the full range of motion.
After walking, it is important to stretch slowly and firmly at the end of the range of motion. This is what we tell our clients.

We actually did three exercises with the audience before and after each one.
Basically, we did the following

The exercises are structured on the premise that we want to take care of this stretching, bending and twisting.

Then it's time to put it into practice.

I've also experienced how changing my posture can change the way I raise my arms.
I feel like a gymnast!

As Yanagisawa-san told us in the first half of this article,
here are five points to be aware of when practicing effective walking.

I have tried to structure it in the form of a preparatory exercise to make you aware of these five things.

It's one thing to know it in words and in your head, but it's quite another to actually do it in your body.

We received many questions during the question and answer session.
It was a very productive time with many enthusiastic questions after the lecture.

Throughout the lecture
"Through walking, I want people to take an interest in their own bodies and to treat them with care!" I have been passionate about

It's something we talk about all the time.

There are only two definitions of walking.

/ /

1. One of your feet must be on the ground or floor when you walk.

2, Walking with intention and load to the brain and body.


In particular, we are very conscious of the second one.

How does your body feel?
Can you move it the way you want?
Does it feel the same to you as it does to an objective observer?

The more you work at it, the deeper and more interesting walking becomes.

Walking is not an end in itself, it is a means to an end. a means to an end I think of it as

We believe that the aim is to maintain good health and to be able to enjoy a good working life as well as a good personal life.
If you feel unwell, we want you to feel better.
If you feel healthy, we want you to feel healthier.

I believe that it is also walking that allows us to intervene according to each person's condition and goals.

The practical lecture will be held on Thursday 21 November.

We will bring you quality information and valuable experiences!

If you are also interested in the health promotion and prevention area, we invite you to learn more with us.

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As a walking therapist, you will also be involved in a variety of activities such as corporate training and community walking events.

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Walking therapist Tetsu Watanabe